What is a language exchange?

In general, a language exchange is when two native speakers of different languages come together in order to teach each other their native language.

The best way to explain language exchange is with an example:
Lisa from Zurich is going to Russia soon for a semester abroad. She has already done a course in a language school to learn Russian, however she is missing the possibility to practise free conversations. Anastasia from Moscow has just started working in Zurich. To gain more from her experience in Switzerland, she wants to improve her German as fast as possible. They find each other through Sprachtandem.ch. First they exchange some messages to make sure they both share the same expectations of the meeting, after that they arrange to meet each other in a public place. First they talk for half an hour in German and afterwards they speak in Russian for the same amount of time.

Through this exchange, they aren’t only learning each other’s languages, they gain some insider information about another country and learn about different cultures.
This way, learning and training is combined with good fun and makes it possible to get to know the other person in an easy going and uncomplicated way. Not only that, but language exchange is free because it’s an exchange!
Sprachtandem.ch functions as a free intermediary platform for people who are interested in foreign languages. This website emerged out of a personal interest in learning foreign languages, the belief that language exchange is an amazing way to learn and a lack of a suitable platform in Switzerland.

How can I start a language exchange?

It’s really easy. First of all you create a profile. As soon as you have done that you can activate your account through a confirmation mail. The email address will function as your profile name and your profile will be automatically displayed in the search results. When searching, you will need to provide your native language, the desired language and the city where you want to meet. If a suitable exchange partner appears, you can contact him or her. Otherwise you will need to wait until someone answers your advertisement.

How can I contact a member?

To contact a member you have to be logged in. In the bottom right hand side of every advertisement there is a ‘contact’ link. After clicking on this link a popup-window will appear where you can write your message. The rest of the conversation will take place through email.

How can I put an advertisement online?

After you have created an account your advertisement will appear in the search function. Take some time when creating your profile as it will have an impact on the kind of people you attract.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you’ve entered or forgotten your password you will be prompted to have a new one sent to your registered email address.

How do I change my profile?

Click on ‘change profile’ in the upper right hand corner. There you can change your profile as well as your profile picture.

Can anybody see my email address?

No. Your email address won’t be published on our website and no data will be given to third parties. If you send a message to a potential exchange partner, he or she will receive an email from Sprachtandem.ch. We recommend you not to give any personal details in the messages until you have come to trust your chosen partner.
Your email address stays invisible to your counterpart when you contact him or her on Sprachtandem.ch and will remain hidden until a normal conversation begins between you
and your partner.

How do I delete my profile?

To delete your profile click on ‘my profile’ and then ‘delete profile’. Once your profile is deleted your advertisement will disappear. As soon as your profile is deleted, it can’t be found and other members won’t be able to contact you.